You Won’t Guess How This Story Ends!

151011_0001A good friend and her family were camping in the woods along a river. Her three school-age kids were down by the edge of the river, shooting their water-blaster guns at people who were floating along in tire inner-tubes.

That was all good fun until a woman in a leopard-print bikini floated by. She had her hair done in a beehive, and had on enough gold jewelry to sink a ship.

So this lady did not appreciate getting blasted with the water guns. She screamed at the kids to stop.

They didn’t. They were on land, and she was on the water, and they felt safe.


Said lady made a ferocious, hand-paddle launch for the river’s edge to get to the kids.

Kids ran to mamma.

My friend said that she heard her children yelling as they ran into the woods and up to their camp. All three talking at once, waving their water guns, and pointing in the direction of the river. A crazy woman was after them!

My friend said that she saw a female in a leopard bikini come charging up the path toward them. Uh oh.

The woman began shouting at my friend, who tried to reason with her. Reasoning did not work, so in short order and a fit of motherly rage, my friend grabbed the nearest kid’s water gun and began blasting the lady . . . all the way back to the water.

She said that she lost her Christianity that day. (I think God understands us more than we think, lol!)

And don’t forget, this isn’t the only story that may end differently than you expected. Maybe some children in your life have convinced you that they will never amount to anything. Be open to a different ending!

💡 Nealie



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